Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Golden Goose

There's only one reason why we still have this particular 80s icon in our house: our grandchildren spend more time playing with Mother Goose than any other 'toy' we have. They ride her, kiss her, pet her, groom her. She stars in their made-up plays and adventures. She was the star in Jonah's recent 3rd grade class play; unfortunately a teacher accidentally dropped her on her tail, shattering her rear half. The mortified teacher begged to buy me a new one, but where would you find such a thing in 2012? We patched her up good as new.

Our younger grandchildren love to dress her in whatever is handy. Yesterday they used their Great-Great Grandma Ashe's crocheted doilies. If our golden goose could see herself in the mirror she would be embarrassed as all get-out:

We'll keep her around until disaster strikes and she's beyond repair. I hope she lasts through all of our grandchildren's young lives before she gives up the goose. Oops, I mean ghost. In their old age they will have a common memory to laugh about. And they'll wonder why Grandma had this dorky thing sitting around.