Wednesday, August 9, 2017

DNA Update

Except for one of my sisters, I now have DNA results for every immediate family member, and a couple of others besides.  On Craig's side three of his siblings have not tested.

I put all results (percentages) in a table for easy viewing and comparison.  Craig is listed twice, once with me to make sense of our children's DNA, and then again with his own parents and siblings. Those in the upper part of the table are my family; his are in the lower.

All DNA tests were done through Ancestry, except for my uncle highlighted in orange (done through 23andMe).  The geographical categories of the two companies differ slightly.  I've used Ancestry's categories and put the percentages from 23andMe in the closest matching column.  I hope that makes sense.

NOTES: Pa Uncle and Pa Aunt are my Dad's siblings.  My nephew's percentages don't add up to 100% because his sharing feature didn't work, so he related to me what he could remember.

Abbreviations are:
Irel=Ireland; Est Eur=Eastern Europe; Grt Brit=Great Britain; Iber=Iberia; Scan=Scandinavia; Fin-Rus=Finland/NW Russia; Cau=Caucasus; Wst Eur=Western Europe; Eur Jew=European Jew; Itly/Grc=Italy Greece; Balk=Balkans/Southern Europe; the 3 Asians are Asia Central, Asia East and Asia South; Mid Est=Middle East; Nat Am=Native American; Afr=Africa; Mel=Melanesia