Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Farewell to the Trees! (on Bethany Blvd.)

Bethany Blvd.--related previous posts are here,  herehere, and here  The progress of the construction has now  completely changed the look of the road. West side trees are mostly gone now, and the bigger, older east side trees are about half gone. Sadly, the Cooper's giant Sequoias are now downed trunks and huge stumps, which my grandson Eli so enthusiastically enjoyed this afternoon:


Most days sheriff deputies are sitting out on this stretch sometimes in cars, mostly on motorcycles, for the purpose of slowing drivers. We talked to one motorcycle officer today who said someone was ticketed for going 52 through the 25 mph construction zone. Plenty of the people he pulls over say, "I didn't know this was a construction zone." Haha. Huge orange and white barriers and  barrels and giant construction machines can only mean one thing. And don't forget the signs warning people it is a construction zone, and the 25 mph signs.

Anyway, we had fun checking things out today. Oh yeah--the sheriff deputy let Eli work his radar gun. He clocked someone going a little over 25, but no major speeders. Eli is wearing his gold deputy sheriff badge in the photos.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Return of the Sinclair Dinosaur!

A couple of months ago my blog featured my childhood love of our kelly green plastic blow-up Sinclair dinosaur.

One of the blog comments that day was from Sinclair itself, inviting me to submit my childhood story to their Sinclair memories contest, which I did.  In appreciation they sent me this soft furry stuffed dino:

Isn't it cute?!   It's even cuter than the blow-up plastic one from the 60s.  It's too small to sit on, but that's ok.  Given my current roly-poly-ness I wouldn't be sitting on the old blow-up one anyway.