Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Unexpected Trip to Cabo San Lucas!

 the Walkers at Cabo

I never planned to go on a cruise and truthfully, never cared about doing so. Our vacations usually consist of grueling activities like sightseeing all day every day hardly eating or drinking or sleeping, or, hiking and other outdoor ventures all day every day hardly eating or drinking or sleeping, or, visiting family and doing all of the above too. So much we want to see and do, and so little time.

We were recently invited on a cruise with all of Craig’s siblings and their spouses, and who wouldn’t want to join up with that! A four-day cruise, it would dock for a day at Catalina Island and a day at Ensenada, Mexico. We boarded the Carnival Paradise at Long Beach on January 18, just as reports of severe major storms were coming in. Because of the weather it was announced that our itinerary would change to sail directly south to Cabo San Lucas (40 hours) where the weather would be better. There was an audible cheer from the passengers. We stood on deck as the ship left the harbor accompanied by a pilot boat, and before long we were out on the sea. I loved showing up for a nice dinner that night without lifting a finger.

The ship rolled quite a bit on the way to Cabo but some miles from there a straight line in the sky marked the end of the clouds and storm, and the beginning of sun and sparkling seas. We watched whales spouting and arcing. On shore we hired a guide/ driver to take us on a tour of the area, and part of that included a short boat trip out to the arches area. I enjoyed seeing Cabo’s bountiful tropical vegetation and azure seas and lovely, classy residential areas.

On the trip back the ship was tossed more severely than before, even diving into troughs in the waves. I got sick on the last night for about 6 hours. As we disembarked back in Long Beach a crew member told us that some of the engines had quit during the storm and we came close to needing a rescue.

Other than the sea-sickness I enjoyed the company, the scenery, the entertainment (Craig singing karaoke), and having three meals a day without effort. Would I do it again? Yes, if the price was rock-bottom as this one was. You can’t arrange the weather but you can enjoy a cruise in spite of what nature throws at you.

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