Friday, March 12, 2010

The End

One more post on the local murder case and then I'm done with that topic.

The defendant in the previously mentioned murder case ( here and here and here ) heard the bad news yesterday morning when the jury recommended the death penalty for him. Certainly no one was surprised. The heinous nature of his acts required the worst possible punishment. Only his lawyers know his feelings about the awful prospect of years in prison, then an artificial death. Publicly he has said nothing, even though he was given that opportunity at sentencing.

When he has been escorted in and out of the courtroom the past few weeks his relaxed face has betrayed little  emotion. Yesterday was different. After the sentencing he once again donned the metal restraints, but this time he was quickly, brusquely hustled out of the courtroom by four deputies, rather than the two very casual officers employed in the past. He passed close by me and I read in his dazed face, shock, with a pinch of despair. Perhaps the reality has set in, a reality he chose himself on that November night 3 years ago.

Today I passed by the victims' house. It's a little ratty looking just coming out of the winter months. But there in the front yard a couple of bunches of smiling daffodils were bobbing in the rain and wind. I wondered if Melody had planted them. They seemed to say that hope and happiness and renewal is available for those left behind after that terrible crime.

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