Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Three (preventable) Foolish Things That Have Happened to Me

Lessons were learned (by me) following these experiences (which were my own fault due to my poor judgment). They led to some sorry moments. May someone else learn from my mistakes!

Running out of gas on the freeway on a winter night at 10:30 p.m. on my way home from a night class at college. My mistake was not filling up on the way there—in my teenage shortsightedness all I cared about was being on time for my 7 p.m. class. It was dark as pitch on that freeway shoulder as I took off running to the nearest freeway exit to find a phone to call my Dad. Along the way a semi-truck somehow spotted me and pulled over. The driver opened the passenger door and invited me in so he could take me to get gas. I decided to take my chances and continue on the dark spooky freeway. Maybe he was the Happy Face Killer.

Nail in my behind. We were pulling apart the back deck in preparation for remodeling. Blair pulled off each 2x10 and threw it on the grass. I then moved it to a pile in another part of the yard. He got into a routine where he wasn’t looking before he threw, so as I was bending over picking up another 2x10 he threw the next one. It hit my rear end, big fat nail first. On the plus side, I had my first tetanus shot in over 30 years. . . . . .

Late for a funeral. An elderly relative of mine died while I was visiting the family in Slovakia. The funeral was two days later but in the meantime I had to visit Rybniczky relatives in another town about 30 miles away. My time was short there and I knew exactly how many minutes it would take to get to the funeral back in Humenne. It was hard to get away from the Rybniczkys and I drove back to Humenne like Mr. Toad on his wild ride, but was still ten minutes late. Except they held the funeral.  Just for me. I was mortified.

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