Monday, June 28, 2010

Three Strange But True Occurrences

When Teresa got married we gave her a dainty diamond necklace. In the hustle and bustle after the wedding reception the necklace was misplaced. I knew it was in the basement bedroom as that was the only room where wedding clothes were put and that is where all the changing occurred. Yet the necklace remained missing despite several top-to-bottom searches of the room.  

Fast forward almost five years. Last week as I was picking up the room in preparation for vacuuming, I stepped on something hard that hurt my foot. La di dah, it was the diamond necklace, lying in the middle of the bedroom floor! Out of the 6 people in the house that morning, not one has any idea how in the heck it suddenly appeared on the bedroom carpet after being MIA for five years. Am grateful to have nearly killed my foot stepping on the almost-invisible piece of jewelry;otherwise it would have been sucked right up the vacuum never to be seen again.

One day my sister, Allie, received a phone call that was a wrong number, yet if you knew my sister you wouldn’t be surprised that she got into a conversation with the stranger and ended up talking for 10 minutes. Before hanging up she introduced herself as Allie, and asked the woman her name, which was Penny. They signed off. An hour later Allie went out to look at some open houses for sale. At one house she got into a friendly conversation with the realtor. At the end of it she asked the realtor her name: Penny. She said, “Penny, I’m Allie.” They both had a laugh over the chance meeting of two strangers, twice in one day.

Teresa once lived in Boise Idaho in a neighborhood north of the airport. She once owned a black 1996 Honda Accord. She now lives in eastern Idaho and the person who bought her Accord has remained friends with her. Recently that friend and her boyfriend stopped by Teresa’s house for a visit, driving the black Accord. Teresa found out the boyfriend lived in Boise and the conversation went something like:

Teresa: What part of Boise do you live in?

Guy: Over near Federal Way.

Teresa: Oh, I used to live in that part of town, near Federal Way. What street do you live on?

Guy: I live near St. Patrick St.

Teresa: I used to live near St. Patrick street. Exactly what street do you live on?

Guy: I live on Capistrano street.

Teresa: I lived on Capistrano street for 2 years!  What is your house number?

Guy: 3223 Capistrano.

Teresa: Hey, that’s my old house!

Weird that the friend drives Teresa’s old car and the boyfriend lives in her old house. . . .

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