Friday, July 30, 2010

The Secret of Kells

For the first time in probably years we went to a movie in the theatre tonight. A short review in the Oregonian gave The Secret of Kells an A minus review and since we have seen illuminated manuscripts before and find them mesmerizing, we fought horrid rush-hour traffic to get over to the 5:10 show at Hollywood Theatre on 42nd and Sandy. Thanks to gridlock we walked in 15 minutes into the movie but the manager said it was ok to then stay for the next showing to watch what we missed. So we did that.

Turns out it is an animated flick featuring the richest hues and most enthralling graphics I have seen in animation. I thought, "they get it," they being those responsible for the film. And what they get is that this film is about The Book of Kells, a 10th century set of illuminations with gospel themes painted on vellum by monks slaving by candlelight in a dank dark stone fortress of a monastery.  Pages featuring figures and creatures that jump off the page in azure, emerald, ruby and scarlet, pumpkin, gold leaf, indigo and violet, umber, and butterscotch. A magnificent treasure it is, and the movie portrays that while reflecting on both the humble and difficult circumstances under which it was created.  See the trailer

As a side note, the Hollywood Theatre, built in 1926, generally shows unknown, NON-Hollywood movies! And no insulting, deafening previews either!

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