Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Places (continued)

I wasn't actually done with yesterday's post. It ended abruptly with our move to the house where we have lived for 26 years.

It was a shock at first to come to Portland from little old Meridian Idaho. People here spent money which meant they had boats and trailers and went on vacation to places like Hawaii. During 5+ years in Idaho I never knew anyone to go to Hawaii. There's nothing wrong with that. We were the proverbial country bumpkins that had just rolled in on the turnip truck.

Well, the years have passed quickly. What's so great that we would stay 26 years in the same house?
  • close to big city culture and offerings without being in the big city
  • situated about halfway between snowy mountains, hiking trails and dramatic coast
  • scenic no matter which direction you face
  • high caliber / quality schools
  • near enough to Craig's job that he can cycle to work
  • just around the corner from our church
  • close to schools our children have attended
  • a high education level in this area's population
  • love the weather no matter what it is on any given day
  • enjoyable 4 seasons
  • 25 minutes from a temple
  • release-time seminary for our children
  • public bus service to our neighborhood
  • close to pool / athletic facilities
  • farms within a few miles where we can buy a multitude of fruits and vegs, and cut our own Christmas tree!
And many other attractive features of our area!

our house December 2008

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