Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Last winter I dreamed about building a backyard shed.  Not a sleep-dream, but the kind of dream where you troll the internet looking for something that fits the vision in your mind.   We work out in our large yard frequently and I was tired of trekking to the front of the house into the garage every time I needed a tool or fertilizer for the backyard.

Craig eventually bought into the idea of a backyard shed.  Appearance was of utmost importance so those cheapo vinyl sheds were out of the question.  On April 1 we drove around town looking for the perfect shed; then on April 2 Craig had the terrible bike accident.  But I digress.  The accident is part of the shed memory.

We stumbled across what we wanted on  On sale was a solid wood build-it-yourself shed complete with a shuttered window, interior shelves, and double doors, all for $999.

The Blairs helped us build it.  I painted it.  It's a happy shed.  Before we moved stuff into it, Brooklyn, Jonah and Eli came over for the inaugural 'shed slumber party.'   Snuggled in our sleeping bags we told camp stories and sang hokey songs.  And at about 11 p.m. the kiddies got scared and went home.   Now shed is well-stocked with tools, garden products, paint cans, snow tires, roto-tiller, lawn mower, and scrap wood.  So convenient!

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  1. Ah, you are one post ahead of me! My shed post is scheduled for tomorrow.
    Such good memories building it, which are recalled each time I look at it.