Friday, November 25, 2011

We Love Quiet Waters

Quiet Waters Outreach (QWO) is a local Christian-based organization that provides enrichment for disabled adults and respite for their caregivers. Our family has been associated with QW for about 4 years, and would have been sooner if we had known about it.

About six or seven years ago one of Daniel's former special ed teachers at Westview High phoned to ask if she could visit with us. We had not seen Patty since Daniel's graduation in 1998. Patty's reason for coming over was to tell us about newer programs in place to help disabled adults, ones that had popped up since Daniel's graduation from high school. She explained this whole new world of helps and how to obtain them  (once you are dis-associated with public school services for disabled students, you lose a conduit of information). 

One of those she mentioned was Martha's Place, run by Quiet Waters Outreach in Tigard, Oregon. Martha's Place is a weekend "bed and breakfast" specifically designed for adults with just about any disability. Weekends run from Thursday evening to Sunday evening, and each has a special theme which can be anything from Rose Festival to bowling to photography to beachcombing. Up to six guests take theme field trips in the MP van. When they are not taking trips they are playing games, doing puzzles, or watching a movie together. MP bedrooms have decorative themes: the beach room, the garden room, the Trail Blazer room, and others.

Daniel loves MP.  He goes about five weekends per year. The staff is wonderful, the activities are fun, and he enjoys having his own special place to go. It gives Craig and I time off from the demands of care. We might go camping, do a project together, or just relax at home.

Below is a link to a new publicity video for Quiet Waters Outreach starring (in part) the Walkers. QWO depends partly on contributions from businesses and individuals to ensure they can continue to provide their services. It's eight minutes long--I hope you can watch the whole thing. If not, you can see us at @ 1:20, 3:47, 4:46, 6:36.

Quiet Waters video

UPDATE: As of 2018 the video is no longer available, but the link takes you to the Quiet Waters Facebook page.


  1. I saw Bridget's post about this last night and definitely want to watch the video. QW sounds like a wonderful ministry and I'm glad such places exist.

  2. OK, now that I watched the video I know it's a special place! I love where the name comes from. And it's so nice to see you and Daniel! Thanks for sharing.