Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where To?

We "re-modeled" our backyard in 2011 and since then have added some fun things, like 2 arbors for climbers to drape over, a shed, and a few odds and ends.   This spring I was over at the Imbrie House [a nearby  1866 Italianate-style home, converted into a McMennamins restaurant] and saw this:

Now we have one of our own:

Craig cut the wood; I engraved the signs with a wood-burner.  The locations are places that have meaning to us such as our ancestral homelands, favorite vacation spots, towns we have lived in, and so on.

And as a PS: take a look at our front yard as it was this summer.   We had a glorious late summer into fall, and the yard stayed beautiful.  We're into the rainy season now, so all of the petunias have been pulled out and composted.  The marigolds plants are still growing strong as of Nov. 7 except the flowers are growing moldy quickly due to the wetness.  Their days are numbered.