Friday, November 29, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Dorky Music Videos

Feeling lazy today.  If you want a smile check out these links to music videos that for one reason or another are excessively dorky.  I don't sit around all day surfing youtube.  When I was laid up for months after surgery one day I was tired of reading and watching movies on my computer.  Instead I watched youtube videos of some great old songs . . . and not so great music videos.  They made me laugh when I really needed it.

A very 60's music video . . : It's the Sign of the Times by Petula Clark; the gal in the orange hat is really into it
I have loved Petula Clark since grade school for her upbeat music, perky personality

Ride Captain Ride: see a guy rocking out in a zebra suit with Buffalo Bill fringe (only not as classy).  Give this group some credit for not lip-synching!

Shoulda Been a Cowboy: Toby Keith wearing the world's Best.  Mullet.  Ever.

Toby Keith is proud of his mullet, and he should be

As Tears Go By: Marianne Faithfull was only 15 in this video.  She rose straight up out of her grave to lip-sync her most famous song for us.  Me thinks she would rather be back 6 feet under . . .


  1. Great links. Here is one of my favorite blasts from the past--Sly and the Family Stone live on Ed Sullivan. This will get your feet tapping along.

  2. Just watched Sly again. Don't you love the older guy in the audience clapping along? A couple of others in suits and ties don't have a clue.