Saturday, November 21, 2015

Our Love Affair With Tillamook

We love anything Tillamook: yogurt, ice cream, and cheese of course, and we also love the beaches of the Tillamook area. We travel to Tillamook several times a year and always, always stop at the cheese factory. We hit the free cheese sample line multiple times, and enjoy an cone of the best ice cream around. While we're eating we watch the cheese-making process through the huge plate glass windows in the viewing area.

If you come to Oregon, you must visit Tillamook. I don't want to hear that you have come to Oregon and missed out on the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

 Here's a few pictures from this summer's most recent visit.


  1. Ahhh we didn't go. We were in Long Beach at my sister's this summer and she said we had to go. We even went through Seaside because my sister said I had to drive on 26. I had six hours in the car alone with the kids though and I just wanted to get home to my honey but now I'm regretting it. We will be back this summer so I'll have to check it out this time.

    1. Oh good, you'll have a second chance! And if you want a great beach to go to, there's giant sand dunes a half hour south of Tillamook. Park at the beach in Pacific City and walk down to the dunes and tidepools. Fun times!