Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Two Three-Year Olds and a Funeral

two grandgirls

In January the much-loved president of our church--The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--passed away at age 90. Thomas Monson had been president for just about ten years, and had been in the church leadership for 55 years. 

Our Idaho daughter had a new baby at about that same time so my daughter-in-law and her two youngest children hopped in the car with me to make the 12-hour drive to help out. President Monson's funeral was held on a Friday morning while we were in Idaho. I set up my laptop, found the broadcast of the  funeral service, and as it began a curious thing happened.

My two three-year old granddaughters climbed up onto the kitchen counter and got comfortable in front of the computer screen. I thought they would soon realize this wasn't a cartoon or fun video, but a solemn occasion filled with talking heads and choir music. Yes the talking heads were Monson family members along with well-loved leaders of our church, and the music was by the famed Tabernacle Choir. But still, these girls were quite young and used to media that entertains.

They stuck with the service, riveted for the entire thing. And after it was over, they asked to watch it again. And again. I put on the replay. They stayed with it.

That night one grandgirl requested to watch it again. Over the next day or two these grandies watched the funeral several times. They were too young to express to me why they found it compelling. I believe their little hearts felt the spirit of our Savior's love and care in the service, and wanted to be part of it.

 two grandgirls

Incidentally, both of these girls are related to President Monson. He is their third cousin three times removed!

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