Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Guess I’ll just write an update about the surgery since I went to the first follow-up doc visit today. The pain has diminished a lot in the last 24 hours and it’s good to not be taking much medicine because it makes me so spacey and I forget what day it is and whether my dreams were real events or figments of my imagination.

On the x-ray today the screw, staples and straightening of the bone look real good. There’s also a very long pin in the foot that will be removed next week. The doc changed the dressing. Stitches come out next week. I’ve still been spending most of the time lying in bed reading, because if I’m up for too long the foot throbs uncomfortably. But being up for two hours for the doc appointment was just fine so I expect to be upright (at least sitting) more often now. Thanks to everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers.

Check out the photo of my foot (w/out the air cast on). That’s a self-portrait of the foot doctor wearing a Santa hat.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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