Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day 2010

I am skipping a day of Dubai posts to commemorate Veteran's Day, established as a tribute to the ending of World War One. The armistice was signed in France on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. Here are some in our family who served their country:

 My Grandfather's cousin John Brosnahan, US Army World War 1.
Killed fighting the Germans at Fismes France, 19 Aug 1918.

Thomas Ashe (Grandfather's cousin), Irish Revolutionary. Commander of Fingal Battalion, Irish Volunteers. Fought the British at the Easter Rising in Dublin 1916. Condemned to death along with Eamon de Valera (later president of Ireland); both sentences commuted to life in prison. Went on a hunger strike to protest brutal conditions in prison, was force-fed by British resulting in his death 25 September 1917, age 33.

My Dad, George Bubnash (right), with a buddy on the streets of New York, 1942.
He was USN 1942-1947 and served three of those years on the USS Missouri in the Pacific.

 My father-in-law, Charles Walker, career USAF, World War 2

 World War 2 vets: Uncle Mike Bubnash (left), USN; Dad (center), Uncle John Bubnash, US Army Air Corps.
Uncle Mike was on a supply ship in the Pacific and twice met up with his brother George.
John's plane went down in the Philippines about 1944 so was MIA for about 10 days.

 My Uncle Bill Wasmuth, US Army in Europe World War 2

Uncle Jim Ashe, US Army in Europe World War 2

 Uncle Paul Bubnash, US Army Korea

Brother-in-law Barry Walker, career USAF, Desert Shield/Desert Storm

 Dad's Japanese Officer's Sword which he 'smuggled' home from Japan

USS Missouri heading home through Pearl Harbor 1945

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