Friday, November 12, 2010

The Real Middle East

Dubai / UAE are best known for its oil supply, unusual and fantastic skyscrapers, and an outrageous indoor ski slope. The traditional Middle East exists here also: concrete slab houses and apartments, the ubiquitous satellite dishes on top of said buildings, grimy dusty streets and sidewalks in various states of disrepair, insane traffic, skilled drivers, fragrant souks, glitzy souks, and even fabric souks doubling as eye-candy. These photos are from Deira (near Dubai Creek).

rooftops of Deira


just what I was looking for . . .

fits perfectly with my wardrobe

street scene

fabric, thread, trims, etc.

a seamstress's wildest dream come true

it must be 1 p.m.--shops close, everybody sleeps

freight business on Dubai Creek

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