Monday, November 21, 2011

Books on CD

I plan to do a "book roundup" at the end of 2011.  Today I just wanted to say how well books on CD work for me.

Craig has been "reading" that way for a few years.  Until recently I listened to CD books only on road trips.  There was a time in my life when I read several books a week, and that time faded for me long ago.  Last winter I did a fair amount of sewing and started listening to books on CD, and found it very satisfying to do double duty.  All during our yard project phases this summer I listened to books while digging, painting, and planting.   And now while cooking and doing laundry.  And while falling asleep at night.

Now I average more than a book a week., and am finally whittling down my very long list of books to be read.  Some people say it's not really reading.   I don't draw a distinction between listening to them or sitting in a chair holding them while turning the pages.  It's all good!


  1. I think I have that third one on my list of books to get from the library! Glad to know reading via CDs has worked for you. I can't wait to see your 2011 round up. They are always some of my favorite blog posts.

    Also, I always like November to see what interesting things you talk about. I think one night I had a dream that I asked you about how you came to become a Mormon because I don't think you were born Mormon like your daughter. But maybe I asked you this last year and you answered and my memory is on repeat. :)

    I think I have a case of need-more-sleep! Hope you are well! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you to. What a wonderful holiday it is.

    You did ask me last year and I never did write about my conversion. I would very much like to, if there is a way to do it without making it book-length. Every detail is still so vivid to me, even after nearly 40 years. Thanks for the reminder.

    I do recommend Reading Lolita. It's not light reading and it is an important subject.

    YOu have given good book recommendations which is helpful to me too.

  3. Books on CD really work for me. I listen to books on my bicycle commute, and when I'm doing work around the yard. And sometimes a bit while going to sleep. It doesn't work as well when I need to concentrate on something else, especially when it is not light reading.

  4. I didn't recall I'd asked you last year until I was writing my comment last night telling you about my dream. Then it vaguely came back to me. It's not a huge deal. I would love to hear your story, but in your own time and when(if)you feel up to it. Right before Thanksgiving and then Christmas doesn't seem ideal...I get that. :)