Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Good Old Days at BYU

I spent 3 delightful happy years at BYU, 1973-1976, and graduated in BYU's centennial year, 4 months pregnant with my first baby.  Some choice photos from those good ol' days:
Christmas 1973 at Broadbent Hall in Heritage Halls with my roomates, clockwise from top left: Holly Rogers from Arizona, Linda Frost from Arizona, Margie Scorup from Washington, Suzie Gaden from Oklahoma, Dode (Melodi) Walker from Idaho, and me.  Our apartment had 3 bedrooms, two girls per room.  Suzie and I shared and we were the only sophomores, both transfer students, both converts to the Church.  We had too much fun in B-22;  a few weren't doing too well in school.

Spring 1974: A slight variation on the roommates, clockwise from top left: Suzie, Dode, Taffy Bryant from AZ, me, Gloria Smith from AZ, and Margie in the center.  Why we were in the shower for this photo, I don't remember.  By the way, there was one bathroom for the 6 of us!

Spring 1974

A fine group of friends. Though faces are familiar I have forgotten half the names.  Dave Murdock was a favorite.  He was the funniest fun person ever; he is the guy in the back row looking to his right. Craig and I are on the left, Gloria Smith next to me (white collar), Suzie Gaden to her left (light dress), Craig Knudsen to her left (in vest), Margie Scorup kneeling in front with Mike Pang on her left, Dode Walker on far right, Matt Davis in dark jacket to her right, Taffy Bryant is in middle row in light pink sweater. 

 Graduation day, April 1976
Craig received a BA in Electrical Engineering and went on for a Masters degree; my BA was in History and I went on to have Blair in September