Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Good Old Days at BYU

I spent 3 happy years at BYU, 1973-1976, and graduated in BYU's centennial year, 4 months pregnant with my first baby.  Some choice photos from those good ol' days:
Christmas 1973 at Broadbent Hall in Heritage Halls with my roomates, clockwise from top left: Holly from Arizona, Linda from Arizona, Margie from Washington, Suzie from Oklahoma, Melodi from Idaho, and me.  Our apartment had 3 bedrooms, two girls per room.  Suzie and I shared and we were the only sophomores, both transfer students, both converts to the Church.  We had too much fun in B-22;  a few weren't doing too well in school.

Spring 1974: A slight variation on the roomates, clockwise from top left: Suzie, Dode, Taffy from AZ, me, Gloria from AZ, and Margie in the center.  Why we were in the shower for this photo, I don't remember.  By the way, there was one bathroom for the 6 of us!

Spring 1974

A fine group of friends, but I have forgotten some of the guys names.  Dave was my favorite.  He was the funniest person ever. 

 Graduation day, April 1976
Craig received a BA in Electrical Engineering and went on for a Masters degree; my BA was in History and I went on to have Blair in September


  1. I love these pictures! I can tell exactly where the 3rd to last one was taken.