Saturday, November 5, 2011

Do You Recognize This Man?

I forget where this came from.  Real or not, it will make you smile. 


  1. There was a post of yours that showed up in my Google Reader that I wanted to comment on, but it's not on your blog. It was the one about cemeteries. I really enjoyed reading it and seeing the headstones.

    I "like" walking through cemeteries and thinking of people from the past meeting there to bury their dead. I try to think of their stories and the stories the trees could tell.

    When we visited Wilmington, NC a few years back, we went to a cemetery there and explored for a while. It was big and had a separate Jewish area.

    Your post reminded me of that. I also like names and cemeteries often have good ones that I like to share with my fellow name-liking friends.