Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Kindness of Strangers

Popular opinion claims there is little goodness left in the world, that everyone is out only for himself, that there's an ax murderer hiding behind every tree and a child molester hanging out in every public restroom.

We have had some experiences lately that show good folks are still with us.  Here's 3 of them:

Craig was injured in a bike spill last month coming down a rural mountain road 20 miles from home.  His tire blew making his bike useless.  I was out of town so not available to rescue him, and he had forgotten his phone anyway.  A stranger stopped to help whom Craig asked for a ride into the nearest town (Banks).  The stranger was on her way to work so she called her husband to come help Craig.  The man drove Craig all the way home.

 A few weeks ago I loaded up the car and headed for Idaho with Daniel.  I didn't realize until stopping for gas that the trunk was not shut tight.  I now know it can appear shut when it's not.  When we arrived in Idaho the computer bag holding my laptop and camera was not in the trunk.  I thought perhaps I left it at home but Craig couldn't find it in the house.  Later that evening he received a call from a Comcast employee, who had found a computer bag in the middle of Ridgetop Lane a block from our house.  His son got into some program in the computer that provided a phone number, he contacted Craig, then returned the computer and camera the next day.

Last week I was doing a baby shower for a woman having her 5th child, and some friends donated $$ for a large group gift.  The woman has no car and either walks or takes the bus.  On Craig's List I found a used but in-almost-perfect-condition double jogging stroller for her, for $100.   In the course of conversation I  mentioned to the owner (Lisa) a little about the woman's difficulties.  The next day there was a message on my phone from Lisa saying she was going to give me my $$ back as she wanted to donate the stroller to my friend.  Wow.