Friday, January 27, 2012

Fantastic Oman

We spent three days camping/hiking/sightseeing through spectacular Oman (we being the Palmers, Carolyn and me). The dramatic landscape looks much like the American Southwest--a mixture of southern Utah, California, Nevada, and Arizona. Rocks abound.

First stop was to attend church in the local branch in Muscat, after which we headed down the coast to find a place for the night. Our free campsite was situated above a lovely little cove on the Indian Ocean.

Sunrise from our tent.

Majd showing off her breakfast cookies.

A lovely beach.

Right out of National Geographic . . .

We hiked up this wadi and found a beautiful warm pool for swimming.

Omani boys are eager for chewing gum, but not chocolate.

Second night's campsite high on Jebel Akhdar. It was so cold and windy that we all huddled in the same tent for warmth. The wind raged all night long.

Next morning we awoke to this stunning sight:

Next post will cover the hike we took in this area.


  1. lovely pictures!

    I wonder why the boys don't like chocolate!

  2. I don't think they eat super sweet foods here. Or perhaps gum is hard to come by?

  3. Or maybe they don't like American chocolate? A church friend told me that she and her husband went to England a few years ago and they took chocolate to give to children they met. She said one little girl shook her head no and said, "American chocolate is too bittah (bitter)." :)

    And I've heard others complain about our chocolate so ...

    more for me. :D

    Your explanation makes sense though. I recall a book I read last year about some nonAmericans trying pasta with cheese and finding it awfully hard to choke down. (!!!)

    Have a wonderful evening with the family!