Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Find of the Century!

Once in a while I breeze into Ross for some little kitchen thingy, a wedding gift, or a bottle of bath crystals. Naturally, as long as I am in the store, I case the aisles because they just might have something I don't know that I need.  And that's how this one of a kind thingy came home with me the other day.  The cashier said it was for jewelry.  But I had a very different use in mind and it works perfectly for that, better than any other method I had yet come up with. 

Can you guess what I use it for?

Clue: it sits on my desk in the kitchen.

If you think it's for this, you're mistaken:

How about this?

Wrong again.

This might be handy:

But no. 

Look again--TA-DAAAA:

I now own about 10 pair of glasses, not all prescription, but nevertheless, they all need to be easily accessible and protected from damage. Gone are the days when I owned 1 pair of specs. Eventually I acquired a pair of prescription sunglasses. Then another pair of those--one for beater activities and one to look fashionable in. Then came the reading glasses. Then more prescription glasses (I didn't get rid of my old beat up pairs; they are now worn on hiking or beach trips, to preserve the newer pair).

All of these glasses were cluttering up my desk. I got a basket for them, but scratching was a problem. The second I saw this jewelry holder at Ross, I knew it would be the perfect solution to keep my specs safe and out of the way.


  1. How clever! I like how you teased us with other ways this item could be used. The bananas are especially nice displayed in that manner! ;)

    My parents have those same cups.

    Also, I always look forward to November because of your blog. It's about the only time of the year that you post, and it's always enjoyable checking each day to see what you've written.

  2. Now Bridget has one more thing to put on her "Weird things I find at my mom's house" post next time. :)

  3. Yeah Steven. At least it's something useful and not just a dumb relic of earlier times to which I'm sentimentally attached.