Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Sinclair Dinosaur

As I drove through Sugar City Idaho last week I passed an small billboard advertising Sinclair gas; I didn't know those stations were still around.  We certainly don't have any in my neck of the woods. Seeing the sign was a trip down memory lane.

One of my favorite childhood possessions was a Sinclair dinosaur.  The station may have been giving them away; I know my folks wouldn't have paid for one, at least not if it cost over 10 cents!  But free or not, one day Dad brought home a really really extreme green blow-up dinosaur for me and my siblings, which looked something like this.  Only larger.  Big enough to sit on.

And looking through some photos today I found one of the very dinosaur, circa 1960.  That's me on the left with 2 of my younger siblings.  We played with that thing till it gave up the ghost.

I'm posting this for others who might have memories of some silly simple thing that brought them much pleasure.  Perhaps we've forgotten the time very important relatives came to visit, or a special trip out of town, yet we remember meaningless stuff like the Sinclair dinosaur.


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