Monday, November 12, 2012

The Yeomen

Every year Cub Scout Day Camp has a theme, and within that, each den is assigned a pertinent name.  I'm a den leader so every spring I await the announcement to see what design of den flag and doodads we're going to have to come up with for that really fun week at Camp Ireland.

2012 was a medieval theme, so dens were given names such as knights, pages, archers, etc., one name per alphabet letter.  This year we were the letter Y--The Yeomen.  Hmmmmm.  I didn't really know what a yeoman was (except that my Dad was Yeoman 2nd class in the US Navy, but that had little to do with the medieval era), and it sounded like a dorky dud.  I didn't want the boys to feel second class at day camp next to all those cool knights and archers and merrymen, like Robin Hood:

Then I discovered that "Robin Hood" was actually  a yeoman--YAY!!  He would have been a small landholder trained in using weapons, bound to protect his lord's estate.  Cool after all!

We made this neat banner for the boys to carry into camp every day:

At Ross I found a big fat curtain tassle to hang on the edge of the banner, for an extra touch of class.  That's why these boys are smiling on their way to Camp Ireland.

And oh, you can't tell from these photos but those green nametags hanging around their necks are yeoman's hats, like Robin Hood's head gear!

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