Thursday, November 1, 2012

Where Do YOU Fit In? [part 1]

Yikes, is it November again already? I look forward to reading other folks' blogs yet writing my own every day will be a test

Could you survive in poverty? In middle-class? In wealth? I recently came into possession of a three-page paper that asks this multi-part question. It’s a yes/no quiz actually, and by answering the statements you will be able to tell where you fit in the social strata. One purpose of the “quiz”is to help you understand what it is like to be in an unfamiliar “class.” A related purpose is to bring out any empathy you can muster for those living in poverty. 

Read the statements and 'grade' yourself. Tomorrow I'll post an interesting chart that interprets these categories for you.

A sampling of the questions.

I know which churches and sections of town have the best rummage sales
I know which grocery stores’ garbage bins can be accessed for thrown-away food
I know how to get someone out of jail
I know how to get a gun, even if I have a police record
I know how to live without electricity and a phone
I know how to move in half a day
I can get by without a car
I know how to fight and defend myself physically
I know how to get and use food stamps and other benefits
I know where the free medical clinics are
I am good at trading and bartering

Middle Class:
I know how to get my children into Little League, piano, soccer, etc.
I know which stores carry the clothing brands my family prefers
My children know the best name brand in clothing
I know how to get a library card
I repair items in my house when they break, or know how to call a repair service
I know how to get a good interest rate on a new-car loan
I understand the difference among the principal, interest, and escrow statements on my house payment
I talk to my children about going to college
I know how to order in a nice restaurant
I know how to help my children with their homework and don’t hesitate to call the school for additional info

I have several favorite restaurants in different countries of the world
I know how to hire a decorator to do my house during the holidays
I know the hidden rules of the Junior League
I support or buy the work of a particular artist
I have at least two residences that are staffed and maintained
I know how to ensure confidentiality and loyalty from my domestic staff
I know how to read a corporate financial statement and analyze my own financial statements
I know how to host the parties that “key” people attend
I have two or three “screens” that keep people whom I do not wish to see away from me
I am on the board of at least two charities