Friday, January 4, 2013

Return of the Sinclair Dinosaur!

A couple of months ago my blog featured my childhood love of our kelly green plastic blow-up Sinclair dinosaur.

One of the blog comments that day was from Sinclair itself, inviting me to submit my childhood story to their Sinclair memories contest, which I did.  In appreciation they sent me this soft furry stuffed dino:

Isn't it cute?!   It's even cuter than the blow-up plastic one from the 60s.  It's too small to sit on, but that's ok.  Given my current roly-poly-ness I wouldn't be sitting on the old blow-up one anyway.


  1. Oh sure. If I win the grand prize of a generous amount of free gas, I'll have to come visit you to use it. Am pretty sure we don't have Sinclair stations in Oregon.