Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sunriver 2017

We held our every-other-year reunion with all of our children and grandchildren in attendance this summer. I'm thankful everyone has made our gathering a priority. 

At Sunriver we rented a house large enough to accommodate 22 bodies, rounded up enough bicycles and bike trailers for all, planned meals and bought food for a week, and voila!, had a marvelous time together. The only downer was that the forest fires burning in Mt. Jefferson Wilderness and up in BC made a smoky atmosphere at Sunriver. We skipped our traditional family climb up Mt. Tumalo, yet three hardly souls climbed South Sister in spite of the smoke.

We enjoy the companionship and make memories for a lifetime!

 Finnish lawn bowling--molkky


Holland, youngest member of our clan

 always cheerful Eli

 cycling was our 'go-to' activity

 girls at Benham falls

 an afternoon floating the Deschutes; besides these 2 huge floaters, some of us are out of the photo in a kayak and on a rubber raft (2 photos here, one doctored, one original)

 hot springs at Paulina Lake

 grandies lined up by age

 deep in the lava tube

 mealtime; we ate a ton of Finnish pancakes this summer, courtesy of Bridget

 busy cousins

 more biking

our rented house

 view of Mt. Bachelor

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