Monday, November 13, 2017

The Fallout

 Read about the Eagle Creek Fire here.

a favorite Oregon trailhead

The Forest Service has said that the Gorge trails will be closed until at least next summer. What a damper that puts on next year's hiking season. I hope the closure doesn't last too far into summer.

The alternative is to hike on the Washington side, which was not much damaged in the conflagration.  The drive is further; the hikes are wonderful. Wildflowers come to the Washington trails earlier than the Oregon trails--Washington basks in sunshine. Coyote Wall, Dog Mountain, Hamilton Mountain, Cape Horn, and other trails are delightful. Waterfalls are not as profuse there, but open views abound.

On another note, those who are responsible for the fire have been charged. I hope their sentence involves working to re-build trails and restore the environment in the Gorge.

another frequented trail in Oregon

this one takes you to Triple Falls and beyond

Dog Mtn is a Washington favorite; it is one tough hike and has killer views from the top at 3000 feet

Hamilton Mountain: I hike up here annually and never tire of the view from the top

Cape Horn extends into the Columbia River on the Washington side and makes for a pleasant hike

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