Thursday, November 9, 2017

Yum, Them's Good Eatin'!

We kids of the 50s--60s--70s ate tons of disgusting and unhealthy foods, when held up to the fresh high quality choices available today. It's a miracle that any of us who were born in that era are still walking around. Sorry that some of us aren't.

There was one type of "food" I craved around ages three to five, that I'm pretty sure no other human ate. Our beagle--Sunny--loved dog biscuits, and so did I. Yup, I craved them. No idea why. Nothing about this yearning makes sense. Dog biscuits were fibrous and gritty and dry without any alluring flavor that made them appealing (to a human); I might as well have eaten sawdust. They did not go down easy. The grit in them could bring on a choking fit that required lots of water after indulging.

Mom had a fit about my habit. She forbid me to eat them and stuck the biscuit box up beyond my reach. Didn't matter. I discovered that if I silently sneaked into the tiny one-butt pantry, did not turn on the light, climbed the shelves monkey-style to grab the box, I could remain in there undetected long enough to chow down a couple of biscuits. There was always a price to pay when Mom finally found me, but it was so worth it.

The cure came when mischievous, pesty Sunny had to go away to live on a farm. No more dog biscuits for me. Somehow I got over it and moved on to eat other, more people-oriented junk food. More about those foods another day.

my favorites looked about like this

this may not have been the brand that I craved, but what an adorable box!

maybe it was Gro-Pup that I ate?


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    1. Mmm, perhaps I was missing an essential ingredient in my diet, that only dog biscuits could fill.