Friday, November 10, 2017

A Senior Perk

Yay, because I'm over age 62, I qualify for a senior pass that gets me into any Federal recreation area for free!. And not just me, but pretty much everyone with me too. If we enter by car it covers everyone in the vehicle. Craig has a pass as well, so when we traveled with lots of family this summer, we each rode in a different car.

The pass cost $10 when I bought it, and I see on the website it has gone up to $80, which is A-OK as you get a lot for your money. The fact that IT'S GOOD FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE is huge. There are bargains and there are bargains, and this one is sweet. Just this summer I used it to get into Mt. St. Helens, Lavalands, and Mt. Rainier, among other places.

Here's the thing though: at our stage of life we can afford to pay admissions to federal areas. When we were young and starting out with lots of children at home, a free pass would have been a greater reward. I'm not complaining. The senior pass is a small way for the feds to recognize the hard-working folks who have paid taxes for decades. We are the backbone of this marvelous country.

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