Wednesday, November 21, 2018

2018 Finland!

the Aura River as seen from castle hill

We deeply enjoyed our summer visit to Finland! We stayed in an AirBnB a mile through the woods from B's place. We rode bikes everywhere, visited Castle Hill again and again, enjoyed the downtown sites and events, rode ferries between islands in the archipelago, and stayed in a humble cabin on one of the islands.

Baltic foot therapy on Russalo Island

this photo and the two following were taken at Flow Park, which is what we gave our three grandies for their birthdays; they had an amazing time, and even S was able to clip himself on and off the cables and enjoy it

we spent a day on this Baltic Beach (two photos)

 Castle Hill, a five-mile bike ride from home; we rode here a lot (three photos)

 the Medieval Market was set up while we were in Turku; here you see hand-made hobby horses that sell for big bucks

 hike through the marsh

 cycling on Russalo Island

decorating for the Fourth of July; we wanted to make sure our Finn grands know about this very special American holiday; we even held a short parade waving small American flags and included neighbor children in it

tree cutters working in the forest tagged this tree in B's yard for removal; the girls left a note on it (in Finnish), asking if the cutters could cut it into a seat, which they did; the neighbors next door did the same

 castle hill

 cycling at the harbor

 marsh hike

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