Saturday, November 24, 2018

Ferrying Through the Finnish Archipelago, Summer 2018

We spent several days enjoying the Finnish Archipelago. There are over 20,000 islands. We visited every blasted one. Haha, not really. We took many ferries from island to island until we reached Korpoo where we had overnight reservations in a complex of small cabins on the sea. 

It was fun to cross each rural, scenic island to catch the ferry at the other end. Bridget's car fit two bicycles on top. She and Craig did a lot of riding, and I did some using her bike. Sometimes on landing on an island, two of us would ride the bikes to the next ferry while the other drove the car. All three grandies were with us.

Road trip!

Clever warning of ferry up ahead! We got used to waiting in line for the ferry, and guessed how many of the cars were going to fit. Though not large, the ferries hold more vehicles than you'd think.

A couple of ferry approaches.

Our car was easy to spot. Larger ferries had multiple decks, with cars below, passengers above.

We enjoyed the shimmering day on the Baltic.

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