Sunday, November 8, 2009

Encore Rock Concert

Warning: Dull post ahead.

It's the wee hours of Sunday morning and all day until this moment I've either been 1) volunteering at an H1N1 shot clinic or 2) painting the entry, hall, kitchen and stairwell or 3) cleaning up resulting mess and vacuuming, washing floor, scrubbing bathrooms.

The shot clinic at our local high school went ok (see photo of crowds--no, those people aren't waiting to be beamed up).  Way more people showed up than the county could accommodate, and it was priority patients only.  About halfway through the morning a strong storm blew in so hundreds of people stood out in the rain for hours.  My job was indoors determining which line people should step into, pediatric or non-pediatric.  It was easy but it seemed either the flow of people was too slow, or we were getting slammed.  The 'supply line' wasn't consistent.  On the downside I was there 1.5 hours longer than my shift because no replacement showed up.  On the up side people were almost all patient and understanding about the wait (after all, you have to give up something for a freebie).  On the bonus side, I got a free H1N1 shot!  My asthma qualified me as a priority patient.

Put the first coat of paint on the above mentioned areas, and a second coat on about half the area.  It took a long time because the stairwell is two story so it required fiddling w/ the extension ladder.  We got rid of that grassy green wall in the hall and viney-flowery wallpaper in the kitchen, and now the walls are a beige-y color.  Sounds dull but looks stunning w/ my new kitchen.  Which I'll cover in another post another day.

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