Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pretty Sights

Pretty architecture and designs abound in the Arab world. Arab calligraphy and illumination rival that created in medieval European monasteries. Intricate medieval calligraphic motifs have been transferred to stone, ceramic, wood, and metal all over Arabia. Some of these designs would lend themselves to quilting using the Celtic weaving technique. I captured samples of the beauty in Emirates.

 inside admin building at American University of Sharjah

 I don't remember where this is; sometimes my camera just couldn't help itself taking pictures of anything and everything without noting what or where it was

 wooden doors in old town area of Sharjah

 wood chest decorated with metal at old town museum in Sharjah

 old town museum motifs

 metal decoration above doorway in old town Sharjah

on university campus

Oops, this is not a traditional Arab design!  It's the enormous ferris wheel at the Casbah down by Sharjah Creek

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