Saturday, November 27, 2010

Washington County Fair

Last year Brooklyn decided she wanted to make a quilt for the Washington County Fair, held every end-of-July. I had some assorted pink fabrics lying around that I had gotten for free, and she just happened to like them, and here is the quilt she made. Brooklyn cut the fabrics, pinned and sewed them, then tied the knots at the corners to hold it all together. She sewed the binding on too. Cousin Lacey and I assisted her with the tasks but she did most of it herself. And she won a blue ribbon!

You can enter just about anything you want in the fair--baked goods, preserves, textiles, flowers, vegetables, table settings, photographs etc. Over the years we have entered quilts, pillowcases, photographs, and applesauce.

This year Jonah decided a week before the fair to sew a quilt. We rushed to the fabric store and found some nice fabrics with wild animals on them. Here is his quilt below, and he won a blue ribbon too!

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