Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wise Words

Last spring I visited Bridget and her family in Ithaca New York.  We took a day to visit historic sites up in Palmyra and Bridget and Jeremy attended the temple there while I watched the girls.  We took some long walks around the temple and down by the Smith homes, and then we drove to the Hill Cumorah which both girls climbed all by themselves--remarkable considering they were only 4.5 and 1.5 years old at the time.
Down by the Smith homes there was a fox family on the trail.  The mother took off into the meadow when we approached but the 3 little kits played right in front of us for almost an hour, rolling and skipping, then hiding and reappearing.  We were enthralled and entertained!  Mama fox kept watch from the meadow.  We could see only her pointy ears fixed above the grass.
Later all of us went to a diner in town for some dinner.  On the wall of the diner was posted this "food for thought."  I don't drink coffee but I like the analogy and the moral.

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  1. I like that "food for thought" and the fox picture! And of course the girls.:)