Friday, November 21, 2014

Dad in His Early Years

I have never seen a photo of my Dad that is earlier than this one when he was 10.

age 10 in 1931, Star Junction Pennsylvania

age 13 in 1934, Star Junction, Pennsylvania

Dad is in the back row, far right, about age 15 or 16, Perryopolis, PA

1944, age 23, USS Missouri

wedding day, October 1953 in NYC
Dad was 32, Mom was 27


  1. Nice photos! His 13-year-old smile reminded me of the pictures you posted recently of Brooklyn and Jonah (their smiles).

    Also, women have been doing that hands-on-the-hip pose for pictures for a long time. I see that a lot on Facebook and have been recently intrigued about it. I rarely see men posed that way. Interesting to see it in a picture from the late thirties.

    It was good seeing your family! So glad you shared!

  2. Thanks Susanne, for your insightful comments. Brooklyn looks a lot like my Dad and his sister Helen (on the far left in the group photo), but I haven't noticed Jonah looking like him (yet).

    That pose was common in photos of that time. I don't know why it was, or why men didn't adopt it.