Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mom in Her Early Years

I've posted a few photos of my Mom just for fun today.  I was told my entire life that I looked just like my her.  I knew it must be true because in 1989 I attended a family funeral in Mom's hometown.  Several people I did not know said to me, "You must be Jean Ashe's daughter."

About 10 years ago I began to see a little bit of my Dad's looks in myself.

Mom and brothers James and Robert, 1931, Holyoke, Massachusetts

Mom and her friend Miriam, NYC 1940-ish

 Mom's high school graduation photo, class of 1942 (age 16), George Washington High in NYC
I see a bit of Bridget in this photograph

Mom and her friend Miriam, NYC late 1940s 

1953: Miriam Kerans, Mom, Cousin Peggy Sullivan, Marie Hannify



  1. Great photos! I like that so many of them included her friend Miriam. Seems they were friends for a long time.

    I've always thought Bridget looked quite a bit like her dad, but maybe it's the distinctive eyebrows. I do like your mom's big smile in her graduation picture, and I've always found that a pretty trait of Bridget as well. Makes her looks warm and friendly.

    (Bridget, do you like being discussed this way? :) )

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. I'm eager to see your dad tomorrow.

    By the way, I am drawing a blank, Suzanne, but is your mom still living?

  2. No Susanne, both of my parents are gone. Mom in 94, Dad in 04. I tried getting together w/ Mom's life-long friend Miriam a few years ago when I was in her area. She didn't return my calls. I contacted another woman who was a mutual friend of both my Mom and Miriam, and she said Miriam was having health issues.

    Bridget (and my Mom) do have nice smiles. I have my Dad's which is a little awkward (the smile I mean, not that he's awkward).

    1. Too bad you were not able to contact Miriam, but it's nice that you tried. I thought your parents were gone, but wasn't 100% sure. I'm sorry for that. It seems they were too young.

      I like your smile. It just seems a little shy and/or quiet - gentle maybe, but still genuine and friendly.

      And, I do see you in your mom especially in the first picture compared to some of the ones you shared yesterday.

      Thanks for letting me analyze your family looks. :) Curious: did your parents enjoy languages and genealogy, music and hiking - stuff I think of when I think of the Palmer family?

    2. I mean Walker family...sorry. Palmers, too.

  3. Hi Susanne. My Mom was only 67 but Dad made it to 83, which is pretty good for someone who grew up in polluted coal country. My Baba lived to be 100.

    Thanks for your expert "analysis" on our family looks. I do the same thing when looking at others. I also like to analyze people's surnames. If they have accents I ask where they are from. Met a woman at the grocery store the other night from Iraq.

    My parents were amazingly well-rounded people. Neither of them had gripping interests in history/genealogy or music, and most certainly not hiking. My Mom had learned French in high school and would throw around terms and phrases all the time. Dad spoke Slovak as a child but left that behind when he left home, which is common among first generation Americans.

    1. I very much enjoyed learning more about your parents. Thanks so much for sharing the additional information with me. That's very interesting about your dad speaking Slovak as a child!

      I would love to ask people with accents where they are from, but mostly I am too shy to do this. I love meeting people from other places though. One year I saw an article in the paper about a Lebanese family who located here and were running a garage. Guess where I went the next time I had to get my car inspected? :)

      Analyzing surnames sounds fun. I don't do this a great deal since last names here seem rather boring/ordinary, but if it sounds Arabic or different than most folks around here, I do.

      I always look forward to November so I can read your blog. Hope we can keep in touch somewhat during the rest of the year. Haha!

      Take care and Merry Christmas!