Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kindergarten Through 6th Grade, Individual Photos

Lazy post--just an extension of yesterday's--but it's all I had time to do last night!

      1st grade

   2nd grade  
    3rd grade

4th grade
5th grade

6th grade


  1. I love seeing how you changed from year to year. Doesn't look as if you ever had any awkward years. I am curious about the super short hair in 1st grade. Looks like you curled your hair in grade 2 or maybe it had some curl as it grew longer.

    I see such a difference in looks from 3rd to 4th grade. Like you went from a child to a young lady. I still remember my 4th grade teacher telling us that we were on the upper elementary side now, and how grown up that made me feel.

    I enjoy the glimpses into your past. Thanks for sharing.

    (By the way, when I saw that picture of your first grandson in another post, I thought he looked so much like Bridget for some reason.)

  2. Insightful observations Susanne. My Mom was big on short hair in my early years because I fussed so much when she combed or brushed it. I can remember the tears quite vividly.

    Oh my, I never thought Jonah looked like Bridget. In fact, until a couple of years ago I wasn't sure who Bridget looked like. Now, even though her coloring is much lighter than my Mom's, I can see that's where Bridget gets her good looks!

    1. Maybe it was just that one picture of Jonah that reminded me of her. Something about it.

      I'd love to see an old photo of your mom to compare to Bridget :) - do you have any on your blog?

  3. I also see the transition from 3rd to 4th grade.

    I think you look like Blair with a wig on in 5th grade! I had never seen that resemblance before!