Monday, November 16, 2015

Two Favorite You-Tube Videos

I have a couple of favorite videos posted to YouTube that you may or may not have seen. 

The first one is done by a woman who created The Mom Song, a song sung to the tune of William Tell Overture by Rossini.   She wrote down the repetitive phrases she says to her kids in every 24-hour period and set them to music.  So witty, so hilarious, so true, I still burst out laughing when watching it.  It's crazy to think that a song about brushing your teeth and feeding the cat can be funny, but there it is.   Who knew there was such a universality among moms, and that kids are pretty much the same everywhere.  There are multiple versions on youtube, including some with lyrics.

The second video concerns a New York City cyclist who was ticketed by police for riding his bike "not in the bike lane."   The policeman told him he must ALWAYS be in the bike lane.  His "in-your-face" defense is that it's dangerous to ALWAYS ride in the bike lane.  His gutsy video makes his point well.

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